The design process determines the final luminaries selection for the project and as such requires detailed knowledge of the products available for selection.
We at Pearl light global are able to offer a comprehensive, fully involved design process to our customers. From the initial meetings between Client / Architects / Engineers, the brief is developed. We can then provide a full design, specification, product data sheets and estimated pricing. Or we can simply provide the necessary information such as photometric data and assist you to make the best lighting solution.
Using DIALux calculation software we are able to model the space to be illuminated in 3D, providing highly accurate results. We then assess the output results against the requirements of the brief, and check compliance with the appropriate International standards for illumination levels, uniformity, glare, illuminance ratios and power density. A variety of outputs are available, from customised reports and spreadsheets to 3D images and isoline plots, we offer standard collections of these in booklet form dependant on the level of information required. These can be presented in printed form or as a PDF. Additionally DXF or DWG files can be outputted, to enable quick addition of the layout into the existing drawings along with the luminaire legend.


Pearl light global is able to provide the complete lighting solution for its customers. Our services are provided as follows:

  • Lighting audit at site
  • Accredited lighting design completed
  • Supply of luminaires/control systems
  • Project management of installation
  • Integration and Programming
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Ongoing supply of replacement lamps under maintenance contract


Pearl light global has excellent technical back ups from the world leaders in the Lighting Industry and our engineers are trained in their works on a regular basis to update the knowledge and keeping in line with the latest trends in Lighting.


Pearl light global has a dedicated team of technicians and electricians to attend to any issues and services on installations. In case need be, we also arrange for the services of our supply partners.